2015 President’s Cup Results

Today at 7:50 AM
POB Members,
I live in West St. Louis County. As I went out this morning to get the newspaper from my driveway, I looked to the east and could see the haze far off on the horizon. “Hmm, it’s still smoking and smoldering,” I said to myself. “Yeah, Tamarack had a real 5-alarm fire on Saturday and they are still trying to put it out !”
In case you didn’t know or hadn’t heard why all those fire engines and emergency vehicles were racing down the highway to Shiloh, Illinois, about 1:00 p.m. last Saturday, it was because Team Lindsey SMOKED Team Springfield in the final round of the POB 2015 President’s Cup. Team Lindsey started the day with a 4-point lead and ended with a 10-point lead. That is the biggest margin of victory in the history of the POB President’s Cup !
Congratulations to the members of Team Lindsey:
Al Lindsey, Rick Kreitner, Jim Pinkston, Frank Reed, Joe Bayne, Ray Howard, Gil Lee, Ron Hopkins, Ted Savage, and Jerry Cole
Proudly reported by former club President Rick Kreitner

Monday, July 13th, 2015 at 9:58 pm - General News

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