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Par or Better Golf Club was established in 1971, the founding members of the club wanted the club to be more than just a golf club playing golf.  They wanted the club to be a part of the community and to find ways to give back.

Par or Better was established as a not-for-profit corporation in the State of Missouri. Currently our members host an Annual Scholarship Tournament which students can apply from all over the United States, raise funds for the St. Louis Children’s Hospital’s Sickle Cell Anemia Fund along with sponsoring an Annual Junior Golf Tournament.

The Club seeks to attract like-minded individuals who believe in the “game” and its potential to model, nurture and teach future community leaders.

The basic purpose of this organization is to (a) enhance the game of golf for its membership and; (b) promote the game of golf in urban communities, (c) Find ways to give financial support back to the community.  The organization teaches the principles, the life skills and the rules of golf to the members of the organization and members of the community.

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Gil Lee


Par or Better Golf Club

Par or Better Golf Club Inc is a State of Missouri not for profit Corporation