Message from the President

POB Members,

At our meeting on February 15th, the seven members present approved a budget for 2014 with a split vote. After 3 hours of discussion at the January meeting and another 2 hours at this meeting, we had to bring the process to a conclusion. I am grateful and respectful of those members who attended and contributed to the decision. However, since many thoughts have been expressed over the past year and since all members will be affected, I wish more members had been in attendance.

I have attached a copy of the adopted budget.


1. Member dues for 2014 are $200, payable in full by May 15th. ( In a separate vote, not part of the budget, members approved dues of $125 for new members who join before June 1, 2014).

2. The $1.00 per round which was collected for the trophy fund will now be $3.00 per round and will be designated for the Scholarship Fund. The skin & rabbit pot will remain at $7.00. Members are expected to make the $3.00 donation whether they participate in the skin pot or not. Guests are not required to make the $3.00 donation to the Scholarship Fund, but will be invited to donate.

3. Members may attend the Club Picnic and Christmas Party at no charge. All guests will be at $15.00 each, payable by member or guest.

4. We have budgeted $1000 for Scholarships. That amount may be adjusted upward based upon weekly contributions to the fund or additional donations. A minimum of $1000 will be used from club funds.

5. The ATT Messaging System ( the “box”) is being discontinued. We are exploring using Magic Jack. Weekly reminders will be sent via e-mail. For those not using e-mail, we suggest they call another member for information.. You may always Rick Kreitner at 314-974-5350.

6. We will be purchasing shirts and caps this year.

The next club meeting is set for March 22, 2014, at 8:30 a.m.. The location is to be determined.

As of this past Saturday, Fletcher Springfield reported Grand Marais is still closed. If the weather improves and that course is still closed, I will look into a tee time at another course for a Saturday or Sunday. Our intent is that Grand Marais will still be our home course when it reopens.


Thursday, February 20th, 2014 at 7:01 pm - General News

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